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This policy paper, based on a research conducted by the Institution for Research and Advocacy of Human Rights (ELSHAM) Papua, Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) and TAPOL, documents acts of torture and inhuman treatment in Papua from the 1960’s to the present. Based on 18 case studies of torture (from both male and female victims in Biak, Jayapura, Manokwari, Sorong, Fakfak and Paniai regions), this paper contributes to the record of torture and large scale human rights violations that are yet to be addressed by the government of Indonesia.

The paper also include conclusion and recommendation to the government of Papua and the Parliament of Papua, the Indonesian Government and the International community to promote accountability and prevent Torture in Papua.

The Past That Has Not Passed: Human Rights Violations in Papua Before and After Reformasi

The Practice of Torture-Business As Usual in Papua









Penyiksaan di Papua: Kekerasan yang Terus Berlanjut

Penyiksaan di Papua-Kekerasan yang Terus Berlanjut









This joint report by ICTJ and the Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy (ELSHAM-Papua) provides important insight into the ongoing debate on steps required to achieve a sustainable peace in Papua. The report reviews Papua’s recent history within a transitional justice framework, and provides expert recommendations on truth seeking, justice, reparations, institutional reform, and enforcing the rights of women victims. Based on more than 100 interviews carried out in 2011 in the districts of Sorong, Manokwari, Biak, and Paniai, the report reviews Papua’s recent history, including the Special Autonomy Law governing the relationship between the Papua province and Indonesia, within a transitional justice framework.

The Past That Has Not Passed: Human Rights Violations in Papua Before and After Reformasi










Masa Lalu yang Tak Berlalu: Pelanggaran Hak Asasi Manusia di Tanah Papua